Monday, June 24, 2019

The 35th Philippine Festival in Nagoya

May 26, 2019
Nagoya International Center Annex Hall

The 35th Philippine Festival in Nagoya, organized by the Chubu Philippine Friendship Association (CPFA)

Last May 26, 2019 CPFA, along with members of the international community of Nagoya, celebrated the 35th Philippine Festival at the Nagoya International Center Annex Hall. The day was filled with games, entertainment and information sharing.
A highlight of the 35th year celebrations was the giving of certificates of recognition to the current and former presidents of CPFA. Ms. Abigail B. Capitin-Principe, is the current president, and a message of thanks was given by Professor Akira Yamauchi. Those who were there to receive the certificate were, Ms. Mellienor Sahara, Mr. Mitsumasa Hyodo, and Ms. Melanie Kojima. Former presidents that were recognized were Ms. Myrna Mendoza, Ms. Elizabeth Kan and Ms. Marita Castaneda.
Mrs. Linda Taki, CPFA Chairman, presented the certificates.

Messages of congratulations came from the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines in Tokyo, represented by Minister Eduardo M.R. Menez, from the City of Nagoya, represented by Vice Mayor Ichiro Hirosawa, and from the Aichi Prefectural Government, represented by Director Masato Kawamura., from Aichi International Association, Director Masanori Banno, from Nagoya international Center, Chairman Takashi Iwata and from CPFA President  Abigail Capitin-Principe.

The event also included iTalks, which the CPFA has integrated in its program for the past few years. iTalks is a lecture/seminar/discussion event, where guests are invited to speak about their field of expertise, and the audience are encouraged to ask questions. This year’s guests included Ms. Maria Leona D. Nepomuceno, Tourism Attaché and Director for West Japan for the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT), she talked about the new website and hashtag used the DOT to encourage Philippine Tourism. Another guest is Atty. Eloisa D. Bayani, who introduced her website, JobsConnect Manpower, she also gave information about getting a job in Japan. And the third guest is Mr. Jitsuya Sano, a regular participant at the CPFA events, he talked about what he does at Sano Office, which is mostly helping Filipinos and other foreigners with their visa issues. All in all, it was a very informative event, in which the audience themselves also participated.

Of course a Festival will not be complete without festivities. This year we were entertained with the music of Ms. Mayumi, who is the Tebasaki Ambassador for the upcoming Tebasaki Summit, happening on June 7, 8 and 9 at Angel Park Sakae. Ms. Yolanda Kobayashi and Mr. Ichiro Honda also graces us with their musical talent.

The event culminated with a Grand Raffle Draw, with the grand prize being a round-trip business class ticket from Nagoya to Manila, courtesy of Philippine Airlines, and a round-trip ticket Nagoya to Manila courtesy of Cebu Pacific Air. Other sponsors who supported the raffle were Nagoya Hilton, Marriot Hotel, Ana Grand Court Hotel, Irago Hotel and Resort and Outback Steakhouse. IPS, The Earth,

Many thanks to the volunteers from Nagoya University of Foreign Studies and Aichi Shukutoku University. Also, thanks to the volunteers from the Filipino community and of course the staff and members of CPFA for making this event possible. Mabuhay tayong lahat!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

32nd Philippine Festival in Nagoya

Everyone is invited!
May 29, 2016
Admission: FREE
Raffle tickets available: 1,000yen
Raffle prizes include a round trip ticket to the Philippines.
Venue: Nagoya International Center, Annex Hall

Saturday, June 13, 2015

31st Philippine Festival in Nagoya

Venue: Nagoya International Center, Annex Hall
Date: May 31, 2015 (Sunday)

CPFA recently concluded the 31st Philippine International Festival in Nagoya. It was attended by many guests and sponsors. For a day, the NIC Annex Hall was transformed into a Philippine Fiesta! 
There were dancing and games and raffle prizes were given to lucky winners.
There were also very informative lectures in iTalks. Please see the CPFA Facebook page for more details.
CPFA thanks all the guests, participants and sponsors of the event.

Monday, May 18, 2015

May 16 Meeting at the NIC

Volunteers and members talking about the event. CPFA thanks everyone for attending and contributing good ideas. See you again on May 24.